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For Large Quantities, Please Call or e-mail us for a better price on Closed Cell Foam.

All Closed Cell Foam protects against moisture and maintains its strength.
Theses types of foam will never rot, attract fungi or mildew.

         * Flexible/ Elastic/ Resilient           * Low Water Absorption
         * Lightweight and Washable          * Highly Buoyent             
         * Sound Absorption                       * Fine Cell Structure
         * Shock Absorption                       * Hot & Cold Insulator
         * Conductive                               * Fire Retardant 
         * Smooth Surface                         * Floatation

Neoprene A Quality
Neoprene B (not in stock) Quality


Also known as crosslink polyethylene




Also known as extruded polyethylene
Black, White, Pink or Blue Polyethylene
Archery Targets & Yoga Foam Bolster


Design for the Boat industry! 


Out Door Foam (open cell)
Dacron Foam

Dry Drain Foam 55LID
Speaker / Filter Foam


Everlastic Neoprene Backer Rods

Polyethylene Tubes / Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam Back Rod 


Jacuzzi Cover Replacement
1LB, 2LB, 3LB Styrofoam (Sheets Size)
Arts and Crafts Styrofoam

Styrofoam Crown Molding



Custom Foam Packaging for Delicate Equipment or Advertising

ZX-2043 waterjet cutting system
Water Jet
Hotwire Styrofoam Custom Cutting

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